Dual USB 4.2 amp med afbryder

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Dual USB 4.2 amp med afbryder, sikrings holder og sikring

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Med afbryder og LED indikator

BEMÆRK prisen kun 129,-


Power switch design, cut off the power while not using to avoid draining the battery!
LED power indication to monitor charging state anytime!

New designed rubber cap, IP54 waterproof and dustproof!

18AWGx2C SPT-2 cable, ABS high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant material, CE & RoHS certified, super durable and safe!


Weight: 100g
Cable Length: 1m
Input Voltage: 8V-28V/±4.0V
Output Voltage: 5V±0.25V
Output Current: 2*2.1A intelligent
Working Temperature: -40 to 70 (℃) New 2018, 5V 4.1A Motorcycle Bike Waterproof  Dual Usb Port Car Charger  Power Switch Charging Socket LED Power Indication Adapter